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Friday, October 24, 2014

Better Sleep & More on Compliance

Today's call featured a spotlight by Allison on Night Terrors and the oils that can help promote a more restful night's sleep. Allison talked about some of her client who have been successful using these oils. Specifically the Calming Blend & Bergamot together.

Have you studied at all about Night Terrors? They can be awful for the person having them and for the family. They differ from nightmares because this is an EVERY night occurrence. Often the person never awakes, but on the rare occasions when they do they can be so terrified they are difficult or impossible to console. Almost always they cannot tell you what frightened them so much. As parents they can make us feel helpless. Especially since we're often told NOT to wake the child from the disturbing situation because it can cause disorientation & even more terror and confusion.

We're supposed to wait it out. Experts tell us some steps to try and prevent it which include: reducing the child's stress, establishing and stick to a bedtime routine that is simple & relaxing, make sure they are getting ENOUGH sleep (difficult to do when there are terrors involved, DUH!), and to try not to let the child become overtired (from

For our business topic we talked a bit more about compliance.  Again, this is not something we should really worry about and unless doTERRA comes forward and asks us to share more, this will be the last time I bring it up for a while.

We discussed how we should never make any claims that a product brings a person from a state of illness to a state of wellness (that would make it a drug).  So remember, you can't diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  The oils support, or strengthen us and then our bodies do the rest.

We also discussed how 3rd party entities cannot promote a trademarked item with a claim (that would make it a drug, remember!) with an intent to sell.  This includes our personal testimonies.  This means I need to rework my own testimony and make sure it is not claiming to take me from  illness to wellness... Which could have gotten me into trouble. Now I know better!

The 3rd party reference guides now refer to the proprietary blends by a descriptive titles.  You can contact me through the back office and I will send you a list of names & titles to make it easier for you.  I go through and mark my books with the blend names on tab dividers so I can find them easier and faster.  You may want to too.

I was going to try and post the video I mentioned in the call, but it is unlisted and we are only supposed to share it with wellness advocates.  So again, message me for more info on that as well.

I hope this compliance issue won't keep you from sharing the oils and their message of hope and increased wellness.  If you are nervous, get the Class in the Box we talked about last week and just follow the outline for it.  You'll do great!

Enjoy the call!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bonus Bucks Raffle Contest Rules

Bonus Bucks Raffle

Rules for entry:
  1. You must be on Allison King's team. We will be comparing names and numbers to those in our down line. Any entry that is not listed in our back office will be immediately disqualified. (If you are a first time hostess enrolling at your own party, be sure to enroll before participating in this contest!)
  1. You must have a qualifying LRP order (or enrollment order for new hostesses) of 100PV or more each month to be eligible.
  1. Pictures of your event with attendees present must be emailed to me: with BONUS BUCKS RAFFLE in the subject line. Include the dates and a phone number to verify your event. Please tell us also in the email if we have permission to post your event on the blog.
  1. A maximum of 4 tickets may be earned per event. One for the presenter; one for the hostess, and each may earn one extra ticket per for personal enrollments. (A presenter may earn one for a personal enrollment & the hostess may earn one for a personal enrollment. The hostess & presenter cannot be the same person to earn all 4 tickets- in this case the maximum number per class would be two.)
  2. Each month we will award each person who purchases a Class in the Box a one time Bonus ticket. Drop us an email and tell us you did. Include your order number so we can verify. One time Bonuses can be earned also for enrolling in The Oil Games.

We hope that you have more than one enrollment at each party, but since some people seem to naturally attract more customers than others, we are capping each event this way in order to give more attention to the number of events themselves.

For the next two months as we begin to get people participating, the prize will be a $25 Visa card. We considered oils or business tools but we felt that those prizes while great, didn't reward you in a way that could benefit your family and spouses. With the Visa card, it can be used for date nights, groceries, a movie for the family, or stocking stuffers for Christmas. If the raffle takes off and we see more and more people begin to participate, we may up the ante and offer bigger prizes or more prizes each month. We'd love to be able to do $100 every month, so get your teams participating so we can do this.

We highly suggest that you purchase the Class in a Box and use it in your classes as we feel this will be an easily duplicable way for new hostesses to begin presenting their own classes. The Push/Play DVD alone will be invaluable to new presenters.

We will be using a randomizer to plug in everyone's entries. If you earn multiple entries, your name will be added to the list once for each of the number of chances you have earned.

Lastly, we must have the emails from you for you to be qualified. This contest begins November 1st. So start planning your classes now. Class in a Box kits purchased in October can count for the first round that starts in November...

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Class-in-the-Box System & our Bonus Bucks Raffle

On today's team call we covered the Class-in-the-Box System.  

Have you heard about this program?  It's an amazing system that can help brand new doTERRA Wellness Advocates to give their own presentation!  Most of the work is done for you!  it replaces the old Empower kit with a new streamlined program to helps your new team members get started sharing the oils.

We covered what is in the kit, how to give a presentation, and what is in the Living doTERRA Naturally, Sharing doTERRA Naturally, and Building doTERRA Naturally brochures.

Then we covered the Bonus Bucks Raffle that Allison & I are co-sponsoring.  

This contest will run each month for the next two months at least.  And if we get lots of participation, we will continue it & maybe even increase the prize - which is currently set at a $25 Visa Card.

We wanted everyone who participated to have a chance to win something that was not necessarily business oriented (but could be).  This is what we decided on and you can use it for anything - even stocking stuffers if you want!

I'll figure out how to post all the rules here soon, but for now, enjoy the call!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Arborvitae & The Oil Games

This week's team call focused on Arborvitae oil.

It's new to most of us and we're just learning how to use it, but Mindy did a fantastic job highlighting it's uses.  Arborvitae oil is sourced in Vancouver, Canada. Emily Wright told us that when you go into the forest and see these trees in a fallen state, you can immediately tell which trees are Arborvitae because they are the only ones not damaged by insects and decay.

I personally want to try it for its cell regenerating properties and see what it does for moles, skin tags and age spots.

Our business topic highlighted the Sedivy's new program: The Oil Games.  I can't wait to get started next month.  I would have this month but totally lost track of my days and missed the registration!  There are 8 levels: I Love Oils is for new Wellness Advocates & Preferred Members. It gives tips for how to use the oils for food prep, cleaning and more.  Share Oils starts to help your new Wellness Advocates & Preferred Customers to begin sharing, hosting classes and more.  Reach Elite is for all beginning Wellness Advocates interested in earning commissions & helping others to begin using the oils and sharing them.  These are the 3 levels we covered on the calls.  The other levels are Premier Push, Silver Sprint, Gold Rush, Platinum Pursuit and Diamond Dash.  An overview of the rules for each are available on  Please know that for each level starting at Reach for Elite, you will need a sponsor at that rank or above.  And it needs to be as close to you in your upline as possible.

Next week we will have a special announcement for our team members.  Be sure to be on the call!

I hope you enjoy listening to today's call! Remember just click the colored text to hear the call.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cardamom & a Simplified Vision Board

Last week on our call, we discussed Cardamom Essential oil more in depth.

Dawn did a great job explaining many of the uses for this oil.  My family has been using it mostly for digestive issues, but I really love the new Breathe with the Cardamom added.  And the way this week is looking with allergies attacking most of us, I think we'll be using it quite a bit for respiratory uses too.

Then we discussed how to simplify our vision boards, so that any one can do it.  I based this topic on a class I was in at Convention.  When the speaker said her 4 year old had done one, I knew this was something we had to try!

Here's the picture of the slide they showed us at Convention.

During the lecture we were taught to put our NEXT goal in each of these areas.  I divided my paper into 9 squares and labeled each.  Then, using Post-it notes, I put goals in each of the areas.  Voila!  It took me about 45 minutes to figure out what should be in each square.  The hardest ones for me were where I had to make goals that included or were shaped around other people.

Now being a visual person, I've begun to replace the words with pictures and I am looking for a more sturdy solution.  I'm envisioning a cork board that is divided with washi tape.  And I will replace each goal with the next step as I achieve them.

Do you think you can create your own vision board?  How will you be using the Cardamom oil?

Enjoy listening to the call!

Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm back!

Well, it's been a long time since I did a team call - almost 5 months!  I'm so glad everyone has been so patient as we've been going through our family issues.  We will be more reliable for the rest of the year.  My plan is to have the call every week but Thanksgiving week, Christmas & New Years.  Then we will start over again in January. it's been a while, so remember to click on any of the colored links to hear the recording.

On today's call we covered all the announcements that I could think of - two pages worth!!  Just a quick note on those, if anyone wants to get started on The Oil Games, give me a shout out via email or message on this post (or if you are can find my number in your back office, send me a text).

We went though all of the products announced at the Aspire 2014 Convention.  It was just a brief overview of each new product.  Hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be able to go into detail a little more on each - specifically the two new oils!

Here's a slide I managed to get that shows the Convention kit.

I hope you all enjoy listening to the call and I look forward to learning more about these great new products too!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September Spectacular!

I have a special offer for anyone who joins my team this month.  I've shared it on Facebook & I'll share it again here.

To qualify, you have to enroll directly with me and meet the requirements listed below.  You can join by clicking on the banner above, or the link in the caption below.  Both will take you directly into my web store & just click the link in the top right hand corner that says "Join".

Be sure to allow emails from both myself and corporate so we can let you know of more specials in the future.  I look forward to helping you learn more about essential oils & getting to know you all better!